Do Camera’s hedge fund owners deserve us?

| Jun 23, 2021

What are we to think about this recent email to the Daily Camera?

I just received notice of my latest price increase for the Daily Camera subscription I’ve held for about 15 years — $41.17/ month for a daily subscription, up 170% over the last 5 years. I know this is because Alden Global Capital has been slowly squeezing the life blood out of the Camera over the last decade, reducing staff, reducing content, and leaning heavily on other sources such as the AP, BizWest, the Denver Post (also owned by Alden), and sources from across the country. I know the staff is doing the best they can, and I appreciate that city council, school board, and other local government meetings are a priority, but the Wall Street buzzards have won this battle and remaining reporters cannot keep up with the demand for good, local reporting.

I would suggest to the entire staff of the Daily Camera that you leave this slowly dying institution and form a new online paper, a la the Colorado Sun. Even more viable, join the Colorado Sun and form a branch of that paper called the Boulder Sun.

I will be an eager first subscriber. It’s time to let go and leave the buzzards the dried and useless husk they have created from the once-great Daily Camera. RIP.

J.V. Rudd,

One of the better contributions on the topic, no?

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