Photo gallery

Random large-format shots taken around town.

| Dec 22, 2016

Boulder celebrates bicycles with closed-off Pearl St. and honors the firefighters.

| Sep 19, 2010

Mellow and agrarian, but with reminders of a dark past.

| Aug 3, 2010

Zoe Barley enjoys perfect day for pancakes at Boulder's Farmers Market July 17.

| Jul 17, 2010

Capitalist chaos in the cities, but an old culture survives underneath.

| Jul 9, 2010

It's green here in spring. Then it turns brown in summer's heat. Enjoy the green phase while it lasts.

| Jun 15, 2010

It was a big morning for flowers at Saturday's Farmers Market.

| May 16, 2010

Jack works the Open Space trails and is utterly gorgeous.

| Mar 30, 2010