Bracing for another spring snowstorm

| Apr 28, 2016


BEFORE THE STORM: Silly daffodils photographed Wednesday, April 27, don’t know what’s about to hit them. (Reporter photo)
Color me not amused as Boulder braces for a third spring snowstorm. The last two deposited 14 and 17 inches, respectively, in our backyard up against the foothills in North Boulder. Very unamusing, especially the part about shaking snow off fragile branches in a dreamy, post-midnight fugue state.

Snowfall for the season is now running eerily above average for the date, with more on the way.

As a modest compensation, here is a picture, taken on Northstar Court April 27, of daffodils blooming merrily, unaware of the rain and snow due to come cascading down on them shortly.

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  1. Carol Knight says:

    I wonder if the daffodils actually are unaware of the storm approaching — or if they might somehow sense a difference in the air pressure or humidity and realize a change is coming. They are spring flowers, after all, and after so many, many generations may have some residual plant memory that spring is fickle and doesn’t stay the same day to day. But rather than dread it, or refuse to bloom, they seem to be quite sanguine about it. This is just me musing and looking out at the snow coming down…

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