Boulder hangs tough, continues push for municipal electric system

| Apr 18, 2017

DON’T QUIT NOW: Former Boulder Mayor Shaun McGrath addresses about 300 people at pro-municipalization rally April 17. (Reporter video, 1:48 min)

The hardcore pro-“muni” crowd gathered outside Boulder’s Municipal Building to revisit the talking points and cheer each other on before a City Council meeting. At that meeting, the Council voted 6-3 to continue its proceedings before state regulators in quest of our taking over our own electrical grid, wresting it from the hands of Minnesota-based Xcel Energy, which extracts some $30 million of profit out of Boulder yearly.

Attendees supporting the “muni” included many from the city’s liberal wing (faces spotted in the crowd: Steve Pomerance, Allyn Feinberg, Steve Fenberg) but also people from the gung-ho pro-growth crowd (Macon Cowles, Bob Morehouse). Interesting.

Former Boulder Mayor Shaun McGrath spoke of Boulder’s prominence nationally as a center of innovation in city government. While working in the Obama White House, a lot of people let him know they think Boulder is a cool and happening place. McGrath agrees.

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