Bernie Sanders in Denver: the video

| Jun 27, 2015


FORCEFUL: A screen shot from CSPAN’s video of Bernie Sanders June 20 in Denver. Play the embedded video posted below.
Call me an idealistic leftie — or call me predictable. But I feel obliged to post the CSPAN video of Bernie Sanders’ June 20 campaign appearanced before more than 5,000 young and old attendees, some in an overflow location, on the University of Denver campus.

To borrow CSPAN’s summary: “In this speech, Sanders lays out in clear detail his political platform, covering income inequality, free trade, the environment, immigration, social justice, unemployment, health care, and retirement.”

I had fully intended to cast off the shackles of Boulder Bubble provincialism and be part of that crowd. Only a virulent summer virus kept me away. Knowing CSPAN would be there recording the event, then airing it and posting it for streaming made me rest easily that warm summer night.

Some of us are old enough to have witnessed some startling primary upsets by dark horse candidates (Jimmy Carter in 1976). It is reported that Sanders’ poll standing in Iowa and New Hampshire — plus the crowds he’s been drawing — have Clinton operatives freaked. The alacrity with which the corporate media have branded him “unelectable” (while not using that term for various passengers in the Republican “clown car”) is no help at this point. But journalists do love a good underdog story.

At the price of scorn and derision by numerous friends, I am cheering him on. It’s a challenge to measure up to President Obama’s eloquence (on display again in his historic June 26 Charleston eulogy speech). But for me, Bernie’s analysis rings true, and his fervor excites.

You are invited to view the video embedded below and judge for yourself. Your (civil) comments are welcome.  

(Unable to play the video from here? Play it from CSPAN’s website at

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