Battle brewing over two ballot measures

| Sep 21, 2015


PACKED HOUSE: Candidate Cindy Carlisle (standing) addresses packed house at debate hosted by Plan Boulder County Sept. 18 at Meadows Branch library. (Reporter photo)
There’s a battle underway between those who’d like to roar ahead with more dense housing and office space and those who think it’s time to ease up, already, on the future-shock.

To restate the obvious to anyone following Boulder politics, the battle is being fought on two fronts. One is the two ballot measures proposed by the group Livable Boulder: one that would give neighborhoods a chance to vote on planned developments, and a second that would mandate that future growth “pay its own way.” The second front is the City Council election itself, with pro-development candidates and slow-growthers facing off.

For those who haven’t focused yet on this issue, following are some sources to get up to speed.

Reporter Erica Meltzer at the Daily Camera has been energetically covering these developments, such as in this Aug. 28 overview article. Where, pray tell, would the community (and the Camera) be without Meltzer on the city politics beat? In the dark is where.

For some insights into the battle’s wearying toll on one outgoing City Council member, see a lengthy but fascinating interview with outgoing Council member George Karakehian in the Sunday, Sept. 20 Daily Camera.

The Camera letters column has also featured many submissions — ranging from masterpieces to snoozers — by both sides.

Boulder Channel One just posted a 15-minute video containing interviews by Jann Scott of Council candidates Lisa Morzel, Cindy Carlisle, Tim Plass and Leonard May, including also such powers behind the competing initiatives as John Tayer, Allyn Feinberg and Will Toor.

The citizens’ groups on both sides of the two proposed city charter amendments each have websites: Livable Boulder and One Boulder.

Feel free to share your opinion on the showdown in a comment below.

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