7 San Francisco restaurants that won’t disappoint

| Oct 8, 2014

Our friend Jack asked us for a current list of knockout San Francisco restaurants. We do get out there periodically, and we’re fussy about where we eat (special thanks to Michele for her discerning input). So the thought arose: why not share this list with the faithful, patient readers of semi-dormant Boulder Reporter. Here it is. Valuable!

Bob’s Great San Francisco restaurant picks
Timely as of mid-October, 2014

1. Da Flora, in Washington Square — small, great Italian (or more precisely, Venetian).
701 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 981-4664

2. Tartine Bakery & Cafe — fun, wholesome, cheery, great food.
600 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 487-2600

3. Cafe Divine — Washington Square, great for breakfast or lunch and people-watching. Dinners so-so.
1600 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 986-3414

4. Waterbar — seafood on the waterfront, really fun.
399 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 284-9922

5. Mandalay – Burmese and Mandarin cuisine, non-touristy, great food and people-watching.
4348 California St, San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 386-3895

6. R&G Lounge – for falbulous Chinese, favored by Chinese themselves but approachable menu, great food and service.
631 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108
Phone:(415) 982-7877

7. Piperade – Basque cuisine and simply delicious with friendly service. Not cheap but very worth it.
1015 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 391-2555

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