What next for progressives?

Feb. 13 Be the Change conference drew 400 of the leftie faithful. Audio downloads available.

| Feb 19, 2010

If you weren’t one of the over 400 people who attended a teach-in and candidates’ forum, organized by Be the Change and held at First Plymouth Congregational Church in Denver on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010, you can hear a lot of the talks by downloading mp3 recordings at: www.democraticwing.org.

The day-long forum, dubbed “Building to Be the Change: Recognizing and Ending Corporate Domination of Our Democracy,” attracted progressives, nonprofits, “.orgs”, issue campaigners and Democratic primary candidates for the U.S. Senate and the Colorado State legislature. While David Sirota, Andrew Romanoff and Jared Polis (Polis represented Sen. Michael Bennet) were the main event that night, more substantive discussions of political strategy and tools occurred during afternoon presentations.

Hear these frontline activists’ accounts and tips from the battleground issues:

  • Irene Aguilar from Health Care for All Colorado
  • Ultimate Civics from Riki Ott
  • Former Senator Ken Gordon on Elections for Sale
  • Attorney Todd Lang, Executive Director of Arizona’s Citizens Clean Elections Commission
  • Colorado Clean Campaigns, Jim Hoffmeister
  • Colorado Capitol Watch director Paula Noonan
  • Progressive legislators Lois Court and Gwyn Green

Tim Butler and I created the website www.democraticwing.org in 2003. Its name is derived from the late, great Senator Paul Wellstone from Minnesota, who was fond of saying that he was from the “Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.”

Democraticwing.org seeks to provide broadcast-quality audio (mp3 format) files of political speeches and lectures that can inform and inspire the progressive base of the Colorado Democratic Party, and in this way aid and abet “the blueing of Colorado” and the New American West.

Download mp3 recordings of the presentations and all the proceedings from Saturday, Feb. 13 at: www.democraticwing.org