Tour of Boulder chicken coops Sept. 4

See 17 places where we raise chickens. Biking encouraged.

| Aug 31, 2010

By Laura Ruby in The Blue Line

It’s time to get ready for Boulder’s first annual Tour de Coops.

With thanks to Betsy Burton for her inspiration, Boulder will have its first annual biking tour of backyard chicken coops, edible gardens and bee hives. Betsy, who runs the Lyons Farmette, launched the first Lyons Tour de Coops last September, featuring 14 backyard coops around town.

The Tour de Coops Boulder is an open tour that is free to the public, occurring in Boulder County September 4th, 2010, from 2-5 PM. An open tour is one in which there is no specific start or end location. You can find a list of properties on the Tour on the YummyYards website or the Transition Colorado website.

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