One Boulderite’s cholesterol cure: “Heart disease is optional”

| Oct 16, 2009

At the Church of the Café Latte, the Café Trident, in downtown Boulder, a dozen or more slim, trim men and women sit together, sipping their morning joe. Their conversation is as noisy as magpies in a tree, yet this morning it is focused on one topic: their friend Binx Selby and his anti-inflammation diet.

Binx Selby in the kitchen

Binx Selby in the kitchen

The coffee drinkers, all graduates of his rapid cholesterol loss diet, are vocal proof that his Balance Point Health diet works. Selby will tell anyone who asks that reducing inflammation in the body through simple lifestyle changes could eliminate up to 75% of age related disease and “end of life” costs.

So what does he advocate?

Selby advocates a one-time cash incentive from the government for overweight people to lose weight, and then an annual bonus for people who keep down their weight. In other words, he wants the government to pay obese people to do the right thing. To help make this happen, he is working toward giving away his revolutionary, anti-inflammation diet for free.

Why is it revolutionary? Because it is a grain and sugar free diet that rapidly reduces cholesterol without drugs. Inflammation in the body is caused by grains, says Selby, and is the starting point of most age-related disease such as heart disease.

Selby discovered this personally, when he showed up for an annual physical three years ago and learned from his doctor that his heart calcium level looked dangerously high. He was told that he must begin taking drugs to reduce his cholesterol as a precaution, and see a cardiologist right away.

He was stunned. “What heart condition?” he asked. “I lead a healthy life. I just finished a 40-mile bike ride. I meditate for an hour every day. I’m eating a Mediterranean diet. I think I’m doing everything right.” He decided that the only thing that might be wrong was his diet. He asked his doctor for a two week reprieve.

In ten days he was back at his doctor’s office. “I couldn’t wait for two weeks. I was anxious to find out if what I was doing was right.” Selby’s tests went from very bad to very good in only ten days. Selby’s tests showed his “bad” LDL cholesterol dropping 42 points and his “good” HDL cholesterol going up 19 points in just over a week. They’re still at that healthy level three years later. The only thing he changed in his life was his diet.

Heart disease is optional, he now says. In the right environment, the body can heal itself. As proof, he and his wife Linda Fong are writing a book called BalancePoint: The 2-week cholesterol and inflammation reduction diet that takes readers step by step through the recipes and science that make up what he calls “a lifestyle protocol.”

As for members of his café latte congregation, Selby has given everyone who took part in his initial trials one share of stock in his new company.

(This article also appeared in Alexia Park’s blog on Huffington Post.)