The Dome Fire a shadow of its Fourmile predecessor

Big scare, big mobilization, but dying winds kept it small.

| Oct 30, 2010

The Dome Fire as of noon Friday.SATURDAY UPDATE: Nothing much left of the Dome Fire by first thing Saturday morning. It would take a big wind to get it going again. Bullet dodged. Show of hands: how many people think the authorities overreacted with that evacuation of 800 homes Friday? Evacuations in the mountains? Sure. But at the west end of Boulder City? Nah. It appeared this morning that most residents had ignored the evacuation order in town anyway. Appears it wasn’t really enforced.

* * *

At 1 p.m. Friday, it appeared that aggressive moves by firefighters, combined with winds far less treacherous than for the Fourmile Fire, will keep the Dome Fire from becoming serious. Tankers took to the air rapidly and dozens of firefighting companies are involved. Updates will follow.