The dog, the cat, and the mouse

A simple vocation, and a vision of a less hurried world

| Feb 11, 2010

This is a story about a man, a dog, a cat and a mouse. It’s an inspirational story that is meant to remind us that there is more to life than standing in line waiting to be rejected for a job you didn’t want anyway.

Every summer, a man with a dog, a cat, and a mouse strolls onto the Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder and sits down. He says nothing and asks for nothing. By appearing to do “nothing” he makes $70,000 a year and has appeared on several popular TV shows.

It's a living . . . and a role model?

What does he do? He sits down.

Beside him, a dog lies asleep on the sidewalk. On top of the dog is a cat. The cat is also sleeping, or watching people pass. On top of the cat, a mouse is playing, or cleaning its whiskers.

The sign beside the animals reads: Peaceful Kingdom.

Can the lion truly lie down with the lamb? Can “mortal enemies” like a dog and cat, or cat and mouse live in harmony? Delighted, everyone puts money into the man’s hat.

When the dog gets restless, the show is finished. The mouse goes into the man’s shirt pocket, the cat goes on his shoulder, and the dog is led away on a leash.

After a week or two, when he has emptied everyone’s pockets, he moves on to another town. Each year, he does the same thing. Once again, the children and adults of our city are delighted and give him our money.

He has given us inspiration! He has given us a vision of a world at peace.

Today, our world is anything but peaceful. So, while standing in line, waiting to fill out an application for a job that you don’t really want, you may want to think about your own skills and talents.

What talents do you have to share with others? What service can you offer? What inspiration is leading you forward like a dog on a leash? Can you, should you, follow it? Yes!

This article also appeared on Alexia Parks’ blog on Huffington Post.