TedxBoulder: let’s hear it for the creatives

A full house at Chautauqua on a warm August night. A feast of ideas.

| Aug 9, 2010

FULL HOUSE: Andrew Hyde, the major driving force behind TedXBoulder, minutes before the event began. (Reporter photo)

A young, enthusaistic crowd packed into Chautauqua Auditorium Saturday afternoon and evening, August 7, for the first TedXBoulder, a local incarnation of the brainy TED Conference phenom.

Some 22 speakers gave short talks on topics ranging from energy efficiency to electric cars to psychotherapy and mobile crowdsourcing in a five-hour talkfest punctuated halfway by an hour or so for a bit of beer and schmoozing, and twice for musical interludes. Nonprofits had set up booths to share their enthusiasm for good causes. Here’s part of what Sarah Welch said on her blog in a review of the event:

There were many talks that followed the theme of finding and loving your true self. There were talks out to save the planet and its people. There was a former professional triathelete, Buddhist monk, school board member, venture capitalist, improv theater owner, astrophysicist, graphics designer, and much more.

Sarah noted that Boulder venture capital investor and all-around tech startup cheerleader Brad Feld had a decidedly un-businessy theme in his remarks:

He spoke candidly about his marriage and all of the things that can get in the way. His solution, or perhaps more accurately, his wife’s solution? A quarterly week off the grid. No phones. No email. No contact with the outside world–just time, solitude, and each other. This is quite a lovely idea, and this idea may have been the most practical of the night. It’s also the one I heard most discussed afterwards.

Yes, it was warm under the Chautauqua big top on an August night (we went and sat on the side, near open doors, and felt a cool breeze and had elbow room). But, all in all, it was an inspiring undertaking by the can-do, inspiringly enthusiastic organizers led by Andrew Hyde and Dan Storch. They merit our admiration and thanks.