Paella at Laudisio’s Friday evenings

| Aug 5, 2009


BUON GUSTO. Antonio Laudisio lovingly creates paella on a recent Friday night.

Friday nights get extremely yummy along about six when Antonio Laudisio has been hovering over a hot paella pan outside his restaurant (Laudisio’s, on 29th Street, near the Apple store).

The paella (a complex intermingling of shellfish, chicken, rice, seasoning, etc.) comes in two sizes – an appetizer or a bigger dish. You can enjoy Antonio’s paella – with an Italian white wine, perhaps? – outside on the patio, or inside in the bar or dining area.

And the thing about Antonio’s cooking, and that of his restaurant, is simple: flavor! On a warm summer night, is there really some place you’d rather be. We didn’t think so. See you there!