A beautiful weekend it was. But were you wary of moose?

| Aug 21, 2009


NOW THAT’S BLUE. View looking west toward Buchanan Pass from Camp Dick trail. Someone camped here recently, or was it Indians holding a ceremony?

The skies take on a darker blue color as autumn seems now a possibility. We took this picture Thursday on the trail from Camp Dick to Buchanan Pass, south of Allenspark off the Peak to Peak Highway. A four-mile hike in until we hit a big clearing where the view of the Continental Divide is broad and unobstructed. Along the way, a dramatic waterfall (reliably there) and three startled moose square ahead of us on the trail – two parents and one youngster (this time only).

That was one glorious day. And the weather came through big-time: utterly dry and seasonably warm, highs around 90, right through the weekend. Hope you enjoyed it – a time of glory before autumn gets serious about chilling us down.

Below: Momma Moose. Father and child escaped unphotographed into the bush.


(Bob Wells photos)