Nominations for “Best of 2009”

We take a look back and pass out the awards

| Jan 6, 2010

Nominations are in . . .

Best Piece of Literary Journalism About and From Boulder 2009
“John Fante: A Boulder Writer Worth Remembering,” by Tom Peters, proprietor of the Beat Book Shop, writing in the Daily Camera.

Boulder author Dan Baum

Boulder author Dan Baum

Best Book from a Boulder Author 2009
Dan Baum, Nine Lives: Life and Death in New Orleans. See author’s website

Best Boulder Poetry Reading of 2009
Jack Collom and Anselm Hollo, The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse, June 29, 2009

Boulder Bravery in the National Sphere Award
Boulder-born-and-raised U.S. Congressman Jared Polis for taking a diametrically opposed position to the Obama Administration on the troop build-up in Afghanistan.

Boulder, Colorado in the International Sphere Award
Rabia Roberts and Elias Amidon and The Boulder Institute for their pro-bono diplomatic work in the Middle East.

Boulder, Colorado in the Outer Atmosphere Award
University of Colorado scientist Larry Esposito for conceptualizing a probe of the upper crust of Venus.

Boulder’s Biggest Embarrassment 2009
University of Colorado’s football coach Dan Hawkins’ salary

Most Censored Boulder Story
The fate of new arrivals to Boulder from Mexico

Most Over-Reported Boulder Stories (a tie)
— House Size Restriction Debate at Boulder City Council
— The Rise of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Most Innovative Media Project in Boulder 2009
Oh now, we shouldn’t toot our own horn, right?