New website aimed at involving young Coloradans in politics

| Sep 16, 2009

New Era Colorado, a nonprofit dedicated to mobilizing young people for progressive politics, announced Sept. 15 it plans to develop a newsy website heavy on the politics.

The NEC people just moved into new offices at 1648 Spruce (on 17th between Pearl and Spruce) in downtown Boulder. We attended their Sept. 15 “office warming” and learned that they’re on the move again as election time draws near.

NEC would like to create a newsy website so cool that young people will include it in their daily browsing routine. Emphasis will be on Colorado news, with some national news presented with a Colorado twist. But, hey, let’s watch NEC’s executive director Steve Fenberg describe it in his own words:

The new website doesn’t have a name yet, but format design is underway and NEC is open to volunteer involvement. Hmm…where else have we heard that recently? (Answer: this site.)

In addition to the planned newsy website, NEC will also be hosting a Boulder City Council candidates meetup Oct. 12, timed to just before the mail-in ballots are sent to voters.

Another issue on which NEC may get active, described by NEC field director Rob DuRay at the Sept. 15 gathering, is an upcoming Denver ballot initiative that would mandate the very expensive impounding of the vehicle of any driver stopped by a police officer who can’t produce a driver’s license (expensive, as in $2,700 per car). The measure is viewed as targeted, at least in part, at undocumented workers. But it’d cost anyone caught in those circumstances.

NEC has a very sharp-looking bus, parked outside its new offices, that they use to ferry volunteers around to neighborhoods for canvassing, and for other fun excursions. Making politics fun is very much part of the formula at NEC. In the realm of possibilities, maybe NEC could mobilize in-the-field canvassers for Andrew Romanoff‘s senatorial bid? No, they haven’t declared sides in that one. But just you watch.

It was totally inspiring for this reporter to see about 40 young people so excited about politics, and gearing up to be a force in the upcoming elections. NEC is open to volunteers of all ages. Just prepare to bask in youthful charm and enthusiasm.