Let’s ease the way for electric bicycles

Convincing case, good cause, and a petition

| Apr 4, 2013

Submitted by: Evan Ravitz

I am hoping to get City Council to act soon to facilitate electric bikes.

47% of trips are made by bike in Amsterdam and Boulder could do even better because it’s more compact with better weather and younger people. BUT, it’s much hillier here.

Electric bikes level that playing field so it’s no problem to zoom up to Chautauqua for anyone. IF we can get half of trips made by bike or ebike in Boulder, there will be far less traffic and our pollution will no longer exceed national averages in several ways.

ALL your friends around Boulder should want to sign our petition.

Here’s why:

  • Electric bikers obviously should want to be legal on our paths, lanes and parking racks.
  • Regular cyclists should want as many cyclists as possible because there is safety in numbers.
  • Drivers should want as many other drivers out of their cars and on the bike facilities.

Please ask your friends to sign the petition. Here’s info you can share:

Electric bikes are taking over Europe, covering over half the space at Eurobike, the world’s biggest bike expo, and about to get the first electric freeway in Holland. Here in Boulder they’re illegal on the bike paths and in public bike parking, and only low-powered ones are allowed on bike lanes. Not smart for vehicles that sip about 1% of the energy of a car, vastly reducing pollution and greenhouse gases, while rehabbing older, injured and sedentary folks, saving lots of money, and being way FUN!

Calling Council members and writing letters to the editor would also help.

If you call please let us know how it went with SignOn’s tool.

You can also use SignOn’s tool for writing letters to the editor.

Evan Ravitz, petition organizer