How about taxing securities trades?

A modest suggestion to Rep. Jared Polis

| Nov 29, 2012

A note I just sent to Rep. Jared Polis, Boulder’s man in Congress:

Amid all the “fiscal cliff” talk, I’m hearing nothing in the media that I follow about levying a per-transaction tax on all financial institutions trading in and out of securities positions, sometimes within seconds. Isn’t this the first and easiest source of money (and also a way to curb this hideous speculative behavior)?

We’ll see what kind of response that gets.

ADDENDUM (3 hours later): And while I’m at it (kvetching), don’t we think it’s time the Boulder Police started enforcing the law that says people must stop at STOP signs? In North Boulder, where I do a lot of my driving, it’s getting a little out of hand, like slipping into the “barely slowing down for STOP signs” point at times. Anybody agree, I hope? –BW