Front Range blogger meetup great networking for beginners to pros

Lively bloggers were there, including one who sings her blogs!

| Jan 29, 2010

Are you a Front Range blogger looking to get ideas, tips and network with others creating blogs on just about anything under the Colorado sun?

Well, just like you have to think everyday what you might write as a blogger, just do it and attend the Meetup of Front Range bloggers, alternating meeting sites currently between the Uptown Tavern in Denver and Gordon Biersch Brewery at Flatirons Crossing Mall in Broomfield.

Dave Taylor, Meetup organizer

Dave Taylor, Meetup organizer

Maybe you’re just thinking you would like to start a blog. That’s OK, too. In the meetups I’ve attended so far, there’s always several people just getting started. I wish I had found the meetup before I started blogging, I would have done some things differently from what I’ve learned.

My 2010 resolution: Try harder to write shorter posts on my blog. So here goes. There’s never enough time to get around and meet everyone at the meetups, but I’m always impressed by the blogging talent. Here are some quick links to some very cool bloggers I just met at the January meetup.

* Camille Bright-Smith introduces herself as a blogger who sings rather than writes her blog. It’s a different approach for sure. She’s also starting to add other songwriters to her blog.

* Elizabeth Yarnell, a natural health expert, as well as publicity coach, is hoping to create a cooking TV show. For now, follow her blog as well as Oh yes, she writes a third blog, Several bloggers at the meetup manage to keep several blogs going. I’m impressed.

* Michael Sitarzewski is changing the way we listen to podcasts. You can browse different podcasts by channel. I haven’t dug into this very far, but if you listen to podcasts,give it a try. He also blogs at

* There was a lot of talk about Apple’s new iPad since it was released on the same day as the meetup. And Kevin Cullis, who blogs about using Macs, has a post on Why I Probably Won’t Get an iPad. That was before the announcement. Wonder if he still thinks the same way?

I could go on but just remembered, I’m supposed to keep my posts shorter. The Bloggers Meetup has more than 300 members, although the meetups usually have about 20 to 30 attending.

This article also appears on Jerry Lewis’s blog, Boulder Report.