Cowles challenges story on City budget

Apparent confusion in Camera's version of who proposed what

| Aug 23, 2010

Councilman Macon Cowles posted this note on the City Council’s Hotline, which is used for communication between Council members:

The Camera headline in the Sunday August 22, 2010 edition that “Boulder Council Seeks 27 percent Budget Increase” was false. First, it is the City Manager’s budget–not the Council’s. The very title of the budget materials for the August 24 Study Session declare that that is so: “2011 City Manager Recommended Budget.” Second, I don’t think anyone on Council has sought an increase of any amount for the Council in the 2011 budget. Third, any increase in the amount of money appearing on the City Council part of the 2011 budget is not caused by increased spending, but rather ALLOCATING to the Council Budget money that has been allocated to other parts of the budget in the past. The Camera article contained detail that was not in the material given to Council for the upcoming budget Study Session. For example, it listed “Council professional memberships” as $110,000. As far as I know, the City pays for NO professional memberships of any Council members. This category for $110,000 must include CML or DRCOG dues or National League of Cities dues. An explanation would be helpful. It would be very helpful to clarify the state of the City Council budget at the Study Session.

The study session is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. in Council chambers Tuesday, Aug. 24. The Camera’s story can be read online. Citizens can also read or subscribe to Hotline postings online.