City wants us to be “Driven to Drive Less”

Inventive campaign is based on your car's color

| Aug 23, 2010

Source: City website,

Let’s make a game out of going carless at least once a week. A game that everyone who plays wins. One day a week. That’s 14.3% less congestion, pollution and road rage for Boulder and the rest of the world.

Here’s how it works: Your car’s color corresponds to an assigned car-free day of the week (see chart). If that day works with your schedule, then give your car a well-deserved day off, and go forth carless.

Don’t fret—you’re not alone. We’ve set up a community here, on Facebook and on Twitter to provide you with all routes and modes of alternative transportation around Boulder. Not only that, we’ll be organizing social events for you to meet new carless compadres and carpool buddies, and our sponsors will be offering crazy awesome discounts and freebies for going car-free—which we’ll also post online.

Now, should your assigned carless day not work with your schedule, or if you can’t commit to one particular day on a regular basis, you can opt for the flex-day schedule. As long as you go carless at least one day a week, it’s all good. And if you’d like to be a rockstar and go car-free more than once a week, you’ll be our personal hero.