Meet City Council candidate Tim Plass

| Sep 26, 2009

ABOVE: Boulder City Council Candidate Tim Plass (Video by Boulder Reporter)
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Some comments by Tim Plass, one of the progressive Boulder City Council candidates, Sept. 25, 2009 at the home of Cindy Carlisle, former City Council member and CU Regent, and Baine Kerr. In this 10-minute video, Plass, a retired attorney, is introduced and endorsed by Cindy Carlisle.

The candidate then briefly offers his views on environmental issues (“We have to look at ways of getting to greener supplies of electricity”), social sustainability (“We don’t have that much diversity in Boulder so we ought to encourage what we have”), and the economy (“We need to make sure that businesses still feel they’re welcome in Boulder”). Green energy, he said, can provide the next big boost to Boulder’s economy as the specialty foods industry has.

You can learn a lot more about Tim Plass by visiting his campaign website.