Boulder’s new “Top Chef”

| Feb 27, 2009

Being closely involved with the foodie crowd, through my wife, I shared her excitement as we watched the (drum roll) Final Episode of “Top Chef” on Bravo Wednesday night, when “Boulder’s own” Hosea Rosenberg, chef at Jax Fish House, won out over everyone in grueling weeks of competition and became “Top Chef” – he won the whole thing (and $100,000).

We go back pretty far with Hosea – back to when he was a chef at the old Dandelion restaurant on Spruce Street, where he learned a lot about cooking under the tutelage of acclaimed Denver chef Kevin Taylor. We were part owners of that restaurant, and Michele was a very hands-on manager of it for quite a while — until, that is, we moved to Amsterdam in 1999 for my consulting assignment.

In any case, Hosea’s performance on “Top Chef” was amazing – his food and his kitchen dexterity were beyond my mortal contemplation as a mere consumer (not producer) of great food. All hail Hosea!