Gray-haired people seen dancing at BoulderFest!

| Aug 22, 2009


A LITTLE LOUDER NOW. Awesome oldies band The Nacho Man has ’em dancing Friday night on Downtown Mall.

Out of a two-day BoulderFest weekend, we only caught the Friday night action. A fun, costume-changing oldies band called The Nacho Men had about 400 people dancing rawther jubilantly on the Downtown Mall in front of the courthouse as part of a triumphal BoulderFest weekend staged by Downtown Boulder and friends. As luck would have it, it was a lovely warm and dry night.

A heavy-on-gray-hair crowd sang clamorously along with the oldies. I knew even the oldest of songs, my wife knew the newer ones of post-disco vintage. The band did a quick change from red sequin sport coats to Village People costumes, the latter to sing “Macho Man,” their signature song. Get it? “I want to be a macho man” (sounds like Nacho Man). Now you get it. Hope you were there. Even teens and 20s listened and watched, a bit shocked to see the older set having that much fun.

I took videos but they sucked. Sorry. BTW, A friend who lives several blocks from the Mall said she heard it, too.