Boulder Weekly’s 17th Birthday Bash

Friends of our town's youth-targeted tabloid partied down

| Aug 26, 2010

TRIUMPH: Boulder Weekly editor Pamela White, center, flanked by two people who helped her get legislation passed banning shackled births in Colorado jails and prisons: Lorena Garcia of Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights and State Sen. Brandon Shaffer.
The partying was pretty sedate but oh such fun at the Boulder Theatre Thursday, Aug. 26, as a flourishing Boulder Weekly celebrated its 17th Birthday with a roomful of friends.

<cutline>Boulder Weekly publisher Stewart Sallo</cutline>The Weekly is blasting through the recession, said publisher Stewart Sallo, recently publishing its biggest single issue and also its biggest special issue in lickety-split fashion. The gang at our town’s youth-targeted tabloid, he said, is charging ahead toward its goal of “changing the world one Thursday at a time.” Sallo thanked his staff and supporters — and most of all his long-time editor, Pamela White.  

Sallo and White — she was fresh from neck surgery but wouldn’t have missed it — each recounted parts of the tale of how she’d uncovered a hideous scandal wherein pregnant women in jail were being forced to give birth while bound in shackles. The paper’s expose led to a law being passed correcting this weird injustice.

Most of the night was just good Boulder fun — a reunion of friends, lots of great food, music, and a chance to toast a venerable and lively winner in Boulder’s ongoing competition for media eyeballs.

Sarah Joyce, Kristen Dotter, Rachel Joyce and Carly Fineman. The two Joyce sisters are publisher Sallo’s nieces.
<cutline>Marcie and Steve Young

Len Barron and Beverly Silva. He portrays Albert Einstein professionally, she’s head of sales and marketing at Hotel Boulderado.

Another Boulder publisher, Ravi Dykema of Nexus magazine.

City Councilman Macon Cowles and Regina Cowles

David Mikelsons and Bethany Siegler. He runs CopyExperts office, she’s web-design and social-media guru.

Julia Sallo, publisher Stewart Sallo’s daughter, with friend David Howard

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