“The creative class” are flocking to Boulder

Creative people flock to certain cities -- and Boulder's one of them

| Jun 28, 2012

The demographer and sociologist Richard Florida, the man who coined the notion of “the creative class,” has designated our little Boulder as the most creative city in the country. From his article in The Daily Beast:

Creativity has become the fundamental driver of our economy. Alongside this, we have seen the rise of a new socioeconomic class, the Creative Class, with more than 40 million members—from scientists and engineers, to architects and designers, artists and entertainers, and the growing ranks of professional knowledge workers, who generate more than $2 trillion in wages and salaries, more than two thirds of the total. But the Creative Class is not spread evenly across America. The past several decades have given rise to a big sort, as the Creative Class has clustered and concentrated in certain cities and their surrounding metro areas.


With its slew of high-tech startups and innovative green companies, Boulder tops the list. Amazon also named it one of America’s “most well-read” cities in 2011.

Link to Daily Beast article