City Council lines are drawn in “pops and scrapes” debate

| Aug 26, 2009

Boulder City Council Debates “Pops and Scrapes” from Bob Wells on Vimeo.
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The Aug. 18 Boulder City Council meeting featured testy words about the would-be ordinance limiting house sizes – a proposed antidote to the epidemic of “pops and scrapes” (aka McMansions) built on small lots, especially in Boulder’ Newlands neighborhood.

The debate revealed a fascinating rift on the Council between those who would let the remodels rage on and those who want to sharply curtail them. It also showed frustration with Mayor Matt Appelbaum’s (shall we say?) wordy way of conducting City business.

If it’s humanly possible, Stick around long enough to view the portions featuring pointed commentary by Council members Lisa Morzel and Macon Cowles. Zing!

Shop talk: This was our first experiment at editing excerpts of Council meetings broadcast on Municipal Channel 8. Apologies for our limited technical means and skills. Improvements are coming, it is hoped, with actual competent video editors at the helm.

FOR YOUR REFERENCE: Daily Camera‘s listing of the 13 people vying for Council seat in November election.