Bike Underpass Choir Exposed!

Come on in, the echoes are fine down here

| Jun 2, 2010

ECHO-O-O: Intrepid reporter exposes people singing under underpasses. (Photo: Lisa Seaman)

By Tim Butler | Special to Boulder Reporter

A clandestine underground organization is using the bicycle underpasses of Boulder for deviant purposes. Namely: smuggling traditional African songs into the city and singing them assisted by pitch pipe paraphernalia, a cappella, in the bicycle underpasses of our fair city. In four part harmony!

I have trouble finding (and pronouncing) the words to describe this obviously addictive behavior that occurs in these dimly lit passages.

“Shosholoza Ku lezontaba Stimela siphum’e Wen’ uyabaleka…”

I suspect you do too.

Two of the organization’s members have been identified as one Lisa “Clap Happy” Seaman (escapee from the South Dukada Institute for the Rhythmically Insane and mastermind of the 9-8 attack on the Boulder Theater) and her accomplice, accomplished accompanist Bart Miller (wanted in 6-against-4 states for polyrhythmy).

As people responsible for the city’s tunnel vision, you may want to consider acoustic ambiance in your underpass development plans. Also, the city may want to instrument the underpasses with microphones and automated recording devices – a phono-radar system to curb this cyclepathic behavior.

I submit links to two examples of this group’s work as evidence and for your listening pleasure.

Song 1 (MP3)
Song 2 (MP3)

The Boulder Bike Underpass Choir (aka the Shona Song Circle), will be singing Sunday, June 6, as part of the “B360/180 Circle Boulder by Bike” event. We will be singing in celebration of a new bike underpass along what’s called “Elmer’s 2 mile Greenway.” We’re doing this just for fun! Singing and bicycling and singing in bike underpasses are all good for the soul! — Tim Butler

Directiosn to underpass: If you know where the restaurant Chez Thuy is, go behind the restaurant and get on the bike path heading west. Go a very short distance (50 yards?) and take a right heading north at the next bike path. We will sing in the first underpass you get to. There are two underpasses right next to each other. We’ll be in the more open one to the south. (not actually under Valmont.)

13th Annual B360/180 Circle Boulder by Bike: More info