B-Cycle’s downtown bike rentals start May 20

| Jan 29, 2011

B-Cycle plans to start operating in Boulder on May 20, 2011. At the outset B-Cycle intends to provide 200 sturdy bicycles based at 25 stations in central Boulder from 6th Street to 30th Street for short-term use at a reasonable charge. Customers will be required to buy a membership at $5 per day or $50 per year. After they become members, they may use a bicycle for up to one hour for free and after that at a charge of $4 per half hour. Visa, Mastercard, American Express or B-Cycle cards can be used for payment.

However…before launch day, B-Cycle hopes to raise $650,000 in capital, Elizabeth Train, one of Boulder B-Cycle’s three current staff members, disclosed at a PLAN-Boulder forum on January 24.

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