Are we getting serious about climate change?

Obama's hesitations versus a 24-hour telecast

| Nov 15, 2012

It was mildly encouraging to see President Obama address the issue of climate change in his first post-election press conference yesterday. Unfortunately, he asserted quite strongly that action against climate change, if done at the expense of the U.S. economy, was a political nonstarter. Sigh.

Meanwhile, the very creative video linked to above was part of a 24-hour videocast, “Climate Reality: The Dirty Weather Report,” that was broadcast yesterday and today. The program was produced by the Climate Reality Project, an effort led by Vice President Al Gore. The “dirty weather” slogan stems from the simple maxim that dirty energy produces dirty weather. All of the parts of the program that I watched seemed very professional, fast-paced and entertaining.

You can watch replays of individual segments of the videocast on Ustream or on the project’s site. Meanwhile, maybe you’ll be inspired, as I was, by the above video’s clever theatrics — and its message. There’s a place on the project’s website to sign a pledge to get involved. Oh go ahead.

(Video produced by Symphony of Science. Additional videos in the same genre are on their site.)