Appelbaum not amused by RTD betrayal

Officials at other northern suburbs are equally disappointed

| Aug 22, 2012

The Post and Camera Aug. 19 had a detailed account of how Denver’s northern suburbs aren’t going to get what they were paying for – train service – from RTD anytime soon. Boulder Mayor Matt Appelbaum is quoted:

“We supported T-REX in the south. We didn’t complain when the East Line went first and then the West and Gold lines,” said Boulder Mayor Matt Appelbaum. “Now we are talking decades before we get any kind of rail, and no one really believes that’s going to happen. And I really believe that is the end of our patience.”

I noted in an earlier post that the near-term alternative proposed for Boulder – bus rapid transit using dedicated lanes and with fancy, train-like boarding areas – doesn’t look so bad. But, asking RTD to execute well on this is asking a lot, alas.

In case you didn’t already click on the link lurking above under the words “detailed account,” oh you who hang on my every word, here’s another link to the article in the Post (it was buried, unindexed, on an inside page in the Camera): Read story.

PS. As to my absence of reporting on recent media coverage in Boulder, and others of my own observations, here’s a quick runthrough: … Nice end of summer. Personally, I want the heat to continue (peculiar passion for warm late-night walks when the world is still and flawless), but everyone else seems relieved. … Kids, kids, kids, pouring into town and zooming around buying pillow cases and hiking boots and they seem oddly lovable. Hoping they stay that way, and learn something intellectually complex and marketable. … There. Boulder late-Aubust observations all covered.

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