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A year-end fast that has me waking up smiling

| Dec 31, 2009

Ahhhh, miso

Ahhhh, miso

I’m finishing out the final days of 2009 with a juice and mineral broth fast. It includes miso broth, organic chicken broth, probiotic juice drinks such as Good Belly, coconut water, and Recharge, for electrolytes. It’s a natural high that has me waking up smiling and facing the world with a clear, unclouded vision.

In this altered state, which also includes lots of rest, I’m able to process the seeming chaos of the world with a mystical mindset. The image which rises in my mind is that of a catapeller getting ready to enter the cocoon stage … the green goo stage … in which everything dissolves into “nothingness”.

In this stage, there is the sense that all is lost. However, just the opposite is true. There are a few cells in that green goo that are holding the vision of a butterfly. They will become its DNA.

I describe this in my book, Rapid Evolution, this way:

“We are at the time of our metamorphosis. It is a time when our minds sink into the cocoon of our hearts and our physical bodies fall away. Heart-centered, nourished by our own breath, we feel ourselves accepting more light into our body, light that energized by the life force of the Universe. It is a process like rewiring a house from 120 to 220 volts. Because our rapid evolution is a conscious choice, our brain will create the mental pathways for physical change to occur.”

Today, turning my attention to my physical body, and preparing to enjoy healthy foods again, I begin with Bieler’s Broth which my housemate Charley Cropley ND assures me is the best possible path to choose. Here is the recipe:

Bieler’s Broth

STEAM then blend: Take equal parts (a handful) of the following fresh, raw ingredients: zuchinni, spinach, green beans, and celery.

Place the steamed vegetables in a blender with raw Parsley. Add one cup of organic chicken or miso broth, and BLEND. Drink one cup of broth every two hours until finished.

Do you have your own fasting stories to share? If so, please post them as a comment here.

Blessings to You in the New Year!

(This article also appeared on Alexia’s blog on Huffington Post.)