Communique from the anti-fracking movement

| Dec 11, 2012

(Submitted by Diana Caile. Apologies from the editor that I don’t have time to make all these web links clickable. Hope you can copy and paste. –BW)

Defend your rights, your health, your community, your property value, this beautiful place we call home, and our children’s future! SAY NO TO THE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF BOULDER COUNTY BY THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY!!!

Attend Boulder County commissioners meeting on oil & gas development in Boulder County
December 13, 2012, 3 pm, Boulder County Courthouse, Pearl and 13th, 3rd floor
Meeting begins at 4:00 pm, but we must arrive early as we expect representatives from the oil and gas industry to fill the room, as they’re known to do. Meet at 3 pm, downstairs at the Lazy Dog restaurant, corner of Pearl and 14th, across from the county courthouse.  
If unable to attend, contact County Commissioners and tell them you pledge to defend Boulder County!
[email protected]
303-441-1688, 303-441-3500
MUST READ!! Get the truth, not the corporate spin!
Statement regarding direct action at the Boulder County Commissioners’ December 4 public hearing on oil and gas development: 
Statement on So-Called “Mob Intimidation” of Encana Representative at Boulder County Commissioners’ December 4, 2012 Public Hearing on Oil and Gas Development
Statement from Wendy Leonard, Cofounder of Erie Rising, about Encana representative Wendy Weidenbeck’s intimidation tactics in Erie, Colorado
Statement from Boulder County resident Rod Brueske about being dismissed by Encan representative Wendy Weidenbeck (and others) when he called about a “hissing” well near his home operated by Encana.
MUST SEE!! Democracy in action!
Check out this inspiring video of the direct action:
Statements about Direct Action 
Statement from Angela Monti Fox, founder of, Mothers for Sustainable Energy, and mom of Josh Fox, creator of the documentary Gasland
Non-violent direct action and civil disobedience are historically effective methods to assert and claim our rights. They have played a vital role in our democracy, securing fundamental rights we enjoy today. The oil and gas industry, and the state working on their behalf, is trampling our rights. The peaceful direct action that occurred at the December 4, 2012 Boulder County Commissioners’ hearing was democracy in action against a system of oppression that must be dismantled. – Shane Davis,, Longmont
I will not stand by and allow the beauty of my family and community to be systemically assaulted by government and industry. As a father and a nurse, as a citizen of Boulder County, I will so everything within my power to keep our community safe, healthy, and sustainable. The risks are too great. The future generation is too important. – Cliff Willmeng, East Boulder County United, Lafayette
The County Commissioners say their hands are tied because they must abide by sate law. Those laws came from a corrupt political system that values the profit of multinational corporations over the health and well being of people, communities and the environment. I will not stand by to allow the place I call home to be industrialized and my children poisoned.” – Diana Devine, Colorado, Mothers for Sustainable Energy, Boulder
The Independent Press, Telling it like it is! Don’t believe the corporate spin!
Article by Joel Dyer of the Boulder Weekly 
Boulder County Commissioners, Can You Hear Us Now? 
Anti-fracking activists are turning up the volume, and for good reason
Article in Denver Westwood
Fracking Protest in Boulder: “Mob harrassment” or a great moment of community togetherness?
Sign the Pledge of Resistance 
to Continued Hydraulic Fracturing in Colorado!
Endorsed by: 
Josh Fox, creator of the documentary Gasland 
Bill McKibben, author, celebrated environmental activist, founder of 
Dr. James Hansen, world renowned climate scientist and climate change activist 
Dr. Robert Howarth, Professor, Cornell University, leading researcher on environmental impacts of fracking 
Dr. Anthony Ingraffea, Professor, Cornell University, leading researcher on environmental impacts of fracking
Shane Davis,, leading researcher on impacts of fracking in Colorado  
Wes Wilson, whistleblower on EPA’s failure to regulate fracking, featured in Gasland 
Phil Doe, federal whistleblower and environmental activist
Daryl Hannah, actress and climate change activist 
And many more!
Connect with the movement to ban fracking!
Join the movement! To volunteer or be added to our email list, contact [email protected] 

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