Brittany Spears can’t order pizza in Boulder

| Dec 17, 2009

Whenever Brittany Spears dials for pizza in Boulder, all she gets is a moment of silence and then a dial tone. No pizza.

Brittany Spears

Brittany Spears

What’s even worse, whenever Brittany and Whitney Houston pass through security together at airports around the country, they end up causing a slow down at the checkpoint, and head turning. To resolve this problem, coach Kathy McConnell-Miller, who has both of these star athletes with famous names on her CU Women’s Basketball team, simply has them pass through security at different times.

Brittany, it seems, can’t get anyone to take her name seriously when she orders carry-out pizza. And Whitney accepts the challenge of too much energy, A short while ago, she caused laughter on the sidelines when she paused mid-game for instructions. McConnell-Miller told her “Keep tenacious on defense.” High-energy Houston rushed off, then spun back to ask: “What number is Tenacious?”

While many athletes carry a special talisman with them, or perform a little ritual to assure their success, two sisters, the Malcolm-Peck twins, home-schooled through high school took it one step further. They both signed their commitment to play basketball for the University of Colorado Lady Buffs on 8/08/08 at 8:08 AM.

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